Kitchener Granite Countertops and Frequently Asked Questions

Kitchener Granite Countertops Homes in Kitchener and in Canada can see an increase in their home's value based on simply upgrading countertops in kitchens, bathrooms and bars to a granite countertop. These countertops provide a number of benefits over the alternatives. Not only is granite aesthetically more pleasing than many of the other options for countertops, but its lifespan far exceeds other options with proper care. Granite is commonly perceived as being expensive, but the reality is granite is actually quite affordable when compared to its years of beauty and long-term life. It can also be found inexpensively in clearance or sale situations. There are many frequently asked questions about granite that should be answered.
What are the benefits of granite?

There are many benefits to granite including:
  • Heat resistance
  • Each piece is completely unique
  • Available in all kinds of colours
  • It is very easy to clean
  • It is very strong and rarely chips
  • If it does chip, it is very easy to fix
  • Granite is very tough to scratch
  • It requires very little ongoing maintenance
  • It can be shaped to any size
How long will granite last?

Under standard home conditions, applying minor maintenance, granite countertops can last forever. Granite is one of the strongest and hardest stones on earth. Even if it is mistreated, it will continue to last decades.
How thick is granite and how heavy is it?

Granite is generally an inch thick or more. Due to its durability, it is very heavy and typically requires several people to lift and install.
Is granite food safe?

Granite is food safe. Compared to most other countertops it actually is far safer. It cleans better and naturally is not a place where germs can grow.
Does granite scratch or burn?

Granite is very durable though if your intent is to scratch it, yes it can be scratched. However, under normal circumstances granite does not scratch. Even if used as a cutting board, granite does not scratch. Granite is heat resistant and does not burn. Under direct heat contact, granite will not show any signs of distress. Only quartz and diamond are stronger.
Does granite stain?
Yes, granite can stain. It is important to use a sealant annually to seal the pores of the countertop. Additionally, cleaning up spills within a reasonable amount of time is beneficial.
Is granite expensive?

Granite can be expensive if rare or uncommon options are being selected. It is typically a more expensive option than others, but based on lifespan, beauty, value retention and other benefits, the cost is more reasonable than any other option.
What is granite?

Granite is a naturally occurring rock that forms as a direct result of volcanoes and molten lava. It is an igneous rock that can be found in many places around the world. Different environments produce different coloured pieces.
Granite is a wonderful choice for homeowners looking to increase the value of their homes currently and well into the future. The benefits of granite are many and for most properties prove to be an excellent investment when amortized over the virtually forever lifespan reducing the overall cost significantly.